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Martinique – a dream tropical island

Do you want to see a dream island ?

In this case, Martinique is THE island for your next trip to paradise !!! Gorgeous white and black sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, great snorkelling experience and diving spots with multicolor fishes and sea turtles, luxuriant nature, beautiful flowers… The list is so long that I could not even finish it.

My favourite beach is the « Anse Dufour », located in the small town of Trois-Ilets. That is a treasure of golden sand and turquoise blue water where you can meet the tortoises and colorful fish!


Check here a small video made on this beach and the Anse Noire, a marvelous black sand beach, with blue waters and coconut trees.

And if you prefer black sand, then the « Anse Couleuvre » is waiting for you…


This is a wild beach located in the northern part of Martinique. Waters are usually quiet and « colored » in emerald tints, but sometimes there are big waves. A seldom frequented place because it is far from everything.

Come to the Caribbean “Flower island” with a French touch – gorgeous beaches and luxuriant nature !

To discover all the treasures of this dream island see our Travel eGuide : Martinique

Martinique is an ideal destination if you look for a place with paradise beaches without danger (such as sharks, rough sea or dangerous currents), with beautiful natural sites, many hikes. Some are really unique and various activities are waiting for you to be discovered.