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Discover a herbal tea against insomnia

Poppy tea – a good herbal tea for insomnia

Do you have insomnia or have problems in falling asleep ?

Well, try this herbal tea that you maybe do not know !  Of course, you do know poppy, this delicate flower on the fields…

But do you know the medicinal properties of this plant ?


Well, the dried petals have been used since antiquity to calm the pain. In fact, they are also very helpful for sleeping problems.

Poppy teas have soothing and sedative effects for adults, but also for children. They calm the cough and irritations of the throat.

So, here is a recipe for poppy tea that in addition to its virtues, will make you discover new flavors.

Prepare an infusion for 10 minutes, with one tablespoon of dried petals per cup. Filter before drinking and add some honey if needed.

Good tasting :-)!

You can drink 2 or 3 cups per day.

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Passionate about nature and plants, I have always preferred a good herbal tea to a pill … And you?

I imagine that, like me, you do not have an infallible memory. This small guide will help you remember quickly and easily which plants and herbal teas can help you if you have problems with blood circulation, cholesterol, kidney stones, if you have a fleeting anemia or simply if you have a low energy level…

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