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South Africa, a country to discover

Would you like some adventure? South Africa will offer you a lot…

So… Welcome to South Africa, home of the « big 5 » and Cradle of Humankind!

We have rented a car and made an itinerary of more than 3000 km across the country.

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, called « the City of Jacarandas » in reference to the hundreds of thousands of trees that bloom during austral spring and give a purple color to the city. As you can see in the photo, the spectacle is beautiful!

South Africa

The most surprising part of our journey was crossing the Wild Coast, driving the route from Durban to Port Elizabeth. Not too many tourists do this kind of itinerary, so you are not going to meet lots of people. But the Transkei is such a gorgeous region…

The Transkei is located in the eastern part of the country, bordered on the east by the Indian Ocean, to the north by Umtamvuna River, south by the Great Kei River and to the west by the Drakensberg Mountains and Lesotho. The largest city is Umtata (Mthatha) and you are going through… as the road goes.

The differences in landscapes will surprise you and you are going to feel like riding on an endless road…

South Africa

You are going to see traditional circular huts, some of which have been modernized with a tin roof, while others retain their traditional roof.…

South Africa

These are the traditional dwellings of the Xhosa people in South Africa, after many of them, coming from the Great Lakes region, gradually migrated towards the south while displacing the original dwellers of the Khoisan hunters.

The most exciting experience to have in South Africa is, with no doubt, a safari. You can organize it by yourself as we did, and I can tell you that the experience is even greater because you are going to discover by yourself animals in the wild…

So, as a child or an adult, you are going to have amazing feelings guessins a kudu in the bushes…

South Africa

Seeing an elephant walking just near your car… or being followed by a lion.

Do you think that exotic tourism, safari, wide spaces and adventure are not for you?

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South Africa

So, if you do not know where to spend the next holidays, why not pay a visit for a few days to this amazing country? All its treasures are waiting for you!

If you want to discover more about this amazing country, see our « Travel eGuide » HERE

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Afrique du Sud: un très beau pays à découvrir!

Découvrez l’Afrique du Sud, un pays aux multiples facettes qui vaut le voyage !

Découvrez la faune des parcs nationaux : zèbres, lions, antilopes, kudus, phacochères, autruches, buffles, éléphants, des centaines d’oiseaux, etc.

Mais aussi des paysages superbes, des musées, parcs d’attraction et plein d’autres choses à découvrir!

Une nature époustouflante à découvrir et à admirer.

Pour découvrir notre voyage, voir l’eGuide Voyage : Afrique du Sud